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We deliver a high quality graphic design services. The most what we do is corporate identity and branding. A hand drawn logotypes, individual typography and how-to-use guidelines.


A logotype is one of most important part of every brand. When other designers might seek a ready material for logotypes, we just paint it. A logotype today may be a composition of letters or block with creative sign. It can be a creature, icon or abstract composition. Of course best what we do is creatures, look at our logotype, but it is not a rule that we can suggest only a creatures to be used as brands.


As we create a new brand, we provide a guide of how to use it right in different cases. The shortest guideline includes a color and grayscale logotype, logotype composition, right and wrong implementations, recommendations for corporate fonts, implementation of brand for website, business cards, blanks, letters and where it necessary.

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