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Interaction Design

As a main course of our menu we provide a range of interactive services. This is about creating an websites, web-based applications and interfaces for games and software. We got our own style and passion to create a fresh looking and high quality interactions that people can love. Every pixel and every movement matters.

Strategy and ideas

Everything has its reasons to be. The way we do depends on customer's goals. If we have to impress, we will do things one way, if we want to sell, it might be another way. No need to kill a fly by a grenade launcher. In collaboration with customers first we do is try to find a shortest but intelligent way to achieve a given goals.

Visual design and Usability

Our designers got an education, skills and passion to create an impressive high quality layouts. We got a quality control and quality grow systems. Everything matters. Composition, colors, fonts, interface controls, movement as well as every pixel of illustrations and icons. As we make things for people, we work hard to create intuitive and beautiful interfaces. We combine information and art to make interfaces easy and enjoyable to use.


To be not a boring and individual each interaction today needs art. And we paint. In almost every our project artists are working together with designers. Depending on project goals it can be a set of icons, ornaments, personages, illustrations or even a new world. Our artists got an impressive skills to paint a perfect artworks.


As well as art we deliver a special effects and sound for interactive projects. Depending on project goals and budget we seek or compose sounds and music. If interaction looks and moves fine, it can sounds fine.

Programming platforms

We work with XHTML/CSS/AJAX, PHP/MySQL, APS.NET/SQL Server as well as Flash/Flex/ActionScript 3.0. We got skills to build not a simple interactive solutions and choose platform depending on goals of project.


For websites we deliver a Content Management System of our partner, UMI Soft Ltd. from Saint-Petersburg. It is a powerful, easy to use and just beautiful system. Major version built for PHP 5.x platform, and we got an ASP.NET version if necessary. UMI.CMS supports multiple languages, has modular structure, highest security standards and qualified technical support. We recommend our customers to use CMS to dramatically reduce a development time for the project.

Interaction Design

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